Innovation makes the world go round


Hope Not Hate

Internet trolls are indicators for insecure times. Trolls just wanna have fun, they are making jokes all day, nothing is real. So if you want to learn about them you have to learn about fun, Freud and totalitarism. We are living in exponential times. Twitter has just crashed, the future is open again.

Green Solar Future

As a former politician for the Greens, I want to work on a sustainable future. For many years I blogged with the zeitrafferin identity. Now you can find my content on, a title that is playing with war metaphors. End the war outside and inside you for a peaceful future for all.

My projects

The fusion of ecology and technology is one, I also worked on diversity and freedom for years. If you are lesbian or gay and want to marry in Germany: I helped to realize that.

Maybe I also established a new interesting style in politics. I don't know.

+ Power to the people

+ End depression and Cyberwar

+ Legalize Cannabis

+ Nerd & Linux pride

The troll's neccessary ideology

Subversion as a political weapon has been used since the birth of western culture in ancient Greece. Our political situation is paradox, the reason is modernisation, so trolling won't stop neither. If people fear the trolls, they stop being open. If trolling makes people think, it can be great for progress. Innovation can also be a provocation against existing norms. Finally, trolling can be between sender and receiver, it's the cleavage of the discourse.

Defend yourself

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Nature is diverse

Evolution is great, let's find ways to learn from it. As a gardener I love to see plants grow and leave while the year is going by. Success is both: predicted in the DNA and in our hands.

Love yourself

Been there, done that. When we chat with each other you get maybe triggered because of my free way of live. Deal with it.

Everyone has a place in our society. Me Too.

Create sustainable histories

The future is unwritten. I mean, how lovely would it be if there were some creative people who helped to write a non apocalyptic future? Change the way and change the world.


Happy to hear about your ideas 🎠

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Postbox: PF 90 22 51, 21056 Hamburg